Why is it necessary for every OTA to Have Flight API Integration?

Why is it necessary for every OTA to Have Flight API Integration?

With the help of flight API integration, all the modern travel agencies are going online and providing the travellers content as per their choice and needs. Due to ease of booking and fast results of the online flight booking API system, millions of travellers prefer buying online products and services. Flight API integration makes the travel company whole. In terms of reginal limits, license, fares and prices, getting access to the big airline inventory system is not very simple. It is a crucial work to get the real-time data of a large industry spreaded across the globe. Travel technology has introduced flight booking API system to resolve this issue. It will provide easy access to the real time information of airline industry.


GDS helps in getting the access to real time data. Initially GDS was embarked in the airline industry but later on, it was expanded and now it helps in flight booking API system to aggregate data of global travel recipe. The travel agent should very well recognize the type of travellers who book their flight tickets. There are frequent as well as first timers and then there are travellers who are highly price sensitive. From traveller to traveller, the demand changes. To take care of the needs, Online Travel Agent or OTAs should develop a web-based network in order to link all the large airline inventories. It enables them to have access to real time price, availability, discounts and other offers.

Airline reservation system is an online reservation platform which is linked with GDS which includes Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo. Online Travel Agencies can give inventory with prices to the end customers using GDS integration. To fetch real time data, flight API integration is integrated so as to provide best experience to our customers.


The key parameters of Flight API Integration are –

  • Inventory management
  • Prices quote and ticket booking
  • Availability display and booking 

Some of the benefits of flight API integration are –

  • Provides rapid and error free online booking facility to the customers.
  • Instant reservation cancellation facility
  • Email and SMS confirmation regarding flight & hotel booking, cancellation and other necessary booking details.
  • Attractive banners for the purpose of advertisement.
  • Customer can compare and choose accordingly.
  • Online transaction gateway with full safety.
  • Multiple inventory options for hotels, tours rental buses and cars.
  • Allows online travel agents to have wide demography.
  • Centralized management of inventory.
  • Hassle free maintenance with experienced engineers.

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