Java Application Development

Java is one of the strongest language globally in web application, desktop application and mainly mobile application development. As far as security and speed are concern Java is the best technology to go for.Embark Java Application Development It’s very flexible and easy to maintain the web and desktop application with Java technology. Now a day’s java is used to develop ANDROID applications.

We provide services of Java development in:

  1. Mobile application development for java supported platform.
  2. Java enterprise application and application maintenance.
  3. Software testing services, migration or re-engineering.
  4. Application integration.
  5. Desktop interface Portals
  6. Develop portable Java applications and browser-based applets.
  7. Development of web, gaming, mobile, backend services, embedded software, and other applications using java.
  8. We engineer cross platform desktop applications with rich graphics and intuitive Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).
  9. Programming of Android mobile applications using Java and XML.
  10. Development Using Java Virtual Machine (JVM) tools as spring 3.
  11. We write server-side web applications and websites using java the architecture of database, server and GUIs.

Features of Java Development

  • Java is Object Oriented
  • Java is platform independent
  • Java is Robust and Secure
  • Simple and familiar like C and C++
  • Java is Portable and Dynamic
  • Java is interpreted

Advantages of Java Development

  • With the use of J2EE Frameworks lightweight web apps can be developed.
  • Maintenance of desktop and web apps is easy and flexible.
  • Instant migration for your application servers to JAVA/J2EE platform such as apache, web logic and web sphere.
  • Support migration and porting of different architectures and existing software solutions to java and J2EE platforms.
  • Java Integrates easily with AJAX with extensible plug-in support for existing J2EE Applications.