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Windows Phones are on track of being one of the most popular smart phones on the market today. Ever since September of 2010, we have been using the SDK for Windows mobile application development and have mastered it successfully.Windows Phone App development

Experts at Windows Phone Apps Development

We are experts at using Windows Mobile App Developer Tools for developing and optimizing a wide array of applications. Our skills and adaption’s with these tools enable us to make interactive and user friendly Windows Phone 10 applications. Our skilled technical team is able to design and create applications that are above and beyond what you would expect.

Windows phone is slowly gaining traction among users and hardware manufacturers. The operating system has seen a slew of updates with increasingly mature functionality. This means that you might have a substantial number of users on this platform. These users like other mobile users will want apps right in. Because windows Mobile app development is technically similar to developing windows desktop apps you want to select a developer who

  1. has experience with designing applications for windows
  2. has experience in mobile app development
  3. share a rich history of working on Microsoft Technologies

The third party developer should also know how app markets work and have enough resources to maintain the app as the platform keeps on getting updated. We are able to create the full range of applications that you might want for the Windows Phone 10 operating system. The types of applications that we can conceive include:

  1. Business application
  2. Customized mobile application
  3. Branding Application
  4. Marketing Application
  5. Business promotion application
  6. Cloud application

We ought to deliver the best Windows apps which have effective use in the market. Contact us today so that we can help your business take advantage of the superior speed and usability of the Windows Phone operating system. We will optimize your return on investment with an application for your business that will appeal to the masses.

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Windows mobile technology areas that we have extensively worked on

  • C++, C#.Net Application development
  • Unified Customized UI Framework.
  • Multi-threaded application Frameworks
  • Telephony (TAPI), Messaging (MAPI)
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Bluetooth device discover and messaging
  • Bluetooth Inbox and Bluetooth OBEX
  • Device Configuration management
  • Audio capture and recording
  • Video Capture and Recording (Still and Video)
  • GPRS
  • HTTP and HTTP based communication
  • SIP and RTP