Several Flight API Integration taking care of the entire travel industry

Several Flight API Integration taking care of the entire travel industry

Who hasn’t heard of Flight API Integration? Almost all of us know. All of us know what Flight API integration is all about but very less of us know that there are several types of flight API integration. Depending on the needs of the Travel Management Companies, they choose the type of the Flight API integration. Some Travel Management Companies go for all the three types of the Flight API integration. They get installed all the three types in their travel portal and then compliment it with their own fares. The three types of flight API integration are discussed below –

  • Direct Airline API Integration
  • GDS API Integration
  • Third Party API Integration

Direct Airline API Integration

When direct API is integrated in the portal by an airline directly, it is called direct airline API integration. Generally, Travel Management Companies with large operations & turnovers go for this direct airline API integration. This process is expensive since it is associated with the airlines and airlines charge high for integrating API directly to the travel portal. Also, integrations need huge time investment. Since travellers need more options to choose from, therefore a company can’t rely on just one airline integration. Direct Airline API integration is required when airline is not available on GDS. Travel agents have special corporate codes or deals in their id of the airline.

GDS API Integration

Now, everyone knows about the three major GDS – Sabre, Amadeus & Travelport (Galileo, Worldspan & Apollo) Travel Management Companies that believe in ownership of PNR choose this type of flight API integration. Through GDS, Travel Management Companies get the segment pay out on the basis of the number of segments developed. More the developed segments, more is the pay out amount. GDS API integration can be integrated easily into a travel portal by a certified developer.

Third Party API Integration

Third party integration is mostly preferred by the startup travel agencies or travel management companies in travel business. Usually most of the new travel management companies prefer white label solution.


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