Hotel Extranet Booking System is a Saviour For the Hotels Worldwide

Hotel Extranet Booking System is a Saviour For the Hotels Worldwide

The Embark Software hotel extranet booking system is an application which enables the travel agents to update their own contracted hotels and also enable them to upload their data of the hotel on the internet. The data includes the descriptions, restrictions, allotments, rates and special offers. The admin module of the hotel extranet booking system is password protected, mainly for your contracted hotels so as to upload their details and mange the sales. Through hotel extranet booking system, the hoteliers can configure the business and also handle the complete inventories. Through this, they can fix up the properties, facilities, etc.

Use of the Embark Software’s hotel extranet booking system empowers hoteliers to manage their inventories, rates, minimum night stays and cut-off dates, etc. The leading management tools are accessible through this platform of hotel extranet booking system. This productive system gives the hotel partners the ability through the Embark Software’s hotel extranet booking system the ability to distribute the inventories.   

All the hotels, regardless of category, size or location can be mentioned on your site without any fees. The Embark Software’s hotel extranet travel booking system is really quick and easy. Our user-friendly hotel extranet booking system makes it easy to manage your bookings 24*7.

Our hotel extranet booking system provides the chance to secure more bookings by updating a greater number of occupancies which are required by you. The customer is charged online only through credit card at the time of the booking. This gives the advantage of having low cancellation.

Here are the functions of hotel extranet booking system:

  • Manage Rooms availability, number of rooms and dates available to book.
  • Rates - Change Rates, Increase or reduce the rates day by day or a period of dates
  • View all confirmed, Modified and Cancelled bookings
  • Adding Special offers for your hotel
  • Generate Daily Arrival Report, Reservation Details Report, Cancellation Report, Billing Details Report, Inventory Report & Nationality Rate reports
  • Manage Policies - Payment policy, cancellation policy, tax policy, terms & Conditions & Property Policy
  • Add Unlimited Photos & small size video.

Benefits of the hotel extranet booking system:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced margin of error
  • Flexibility
  • Timely and accurate information
  • Shorter time to market
  • Reduced inventory
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Work is complete quickly as compared to earlier manual systems.


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