B2B white label adds gratuity to your travel portal

B2B white label adds gratuity to your travel portal

The online travel business is rapidly growing with the increasing and strong base of customers online. Demands of flight ticket reservations is also increasing day by day. Online ticketing system has turned out to be a boon for the entire world as with the growing technology, routines are getting more occupied with work. this flight reservation system has turned out to be more beneficial because of the integration of B2B white label solution. The Embark Software provides B2B white label solution to the travel agents, state partners & travel distributors. Easing the process of ticket reservations, the embark Software provides B2B white label solution.  

For any and every kind of airliner operator, we provide the best kind B2B white label solutions. Your travel website can facilitate instant ticket for all the airlines though us. We believe in keeping our travel technology solutions up to date. Thus, we provide online ticket service for every type of operating system. The operator system includes windows, android & iOS. This way you don’t have to deal with the unnecessary hassle. B2B white label gives you hassle free solution by reducing the operating cost. The pain of using several mobile phones and maintain the balance through various travel operators is also reduced. Our software even helps in simplifying all the unnecessary recharges errands. This travel solution can be personalised and integrated in your website as per your wish. Our services are integrated by three values – easy, flexible and efficient. B2B white label offers auto generated messages that has to be delivered to your customers.

To gain additional revenues, B2B white label is the perfect travel technology solution for the website owners, hotels, SME’s and other various organisations. B2B white label not only generates more customer traffic but also increase the value of your website.

Let’s see some of the features of B2B white label.

  • It provides a great value addition to existing website or business.
  • There is no need to maintain separate stock for each airline operator.
  • No need to stock paper-based coupons.
  • Working capital depends on your daily transactions.
  • No minimum deposits.
  • No maintenance of balance required.


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