Six Reasons to Integrate Your Travel Business with Travel Portal Solution

Six Reasons to Integrate Your Travel Business with Travel Portal Solution

To make any online purchase, travellers always look for an easy and streamlined way. While installing any travel portal solution technology in one’s system, this is the first thing that a travel portal development considers. It is important for an online travel portal solution product to fully match the expectations and features of your website. The Embark Software offers travel portal solution which support various transaction methods, assuring the safety of customers as well as clients.

The six basic ways through which the Embark Software help the various travel agencies have more hotels, flights, rental cars and buses and other services.

  1. Proper payment policies

To boost the seasonal sales on the travel website, all the travel agencies can use payment policies using travel portal solution engine. With travel portal solution, a travel agency can modify the advance amount that has to be paid by the traveller.

  1. Instant notification

With travel portal solution’s instant notification feature, travel agencies can follow up on the potential leads.

  1. Confirmation through message

Our travel portal solution will notify the travellers with an SMS whenever they make any booking. Also, through SMSs travel agencies can promote different offers and discounts to their customers.

  1. Simple interface application

Customer experience on mobile is one of the most important things in todays modern era. Since more than half of the customer traffic is generated from the mobile. To provide the best experience to your customers, the Embark Software will help you by providing you the best travel portal solution.  

  1. Auto create promotions

Seasonal discounts are the best way to allure your customers. Implementing seasonal offers and discounts and promotions have become easier through our travel portal solution.

  1. Integration of inventory

The reservation desk of a travel agency is integrated with the travel booking engine using travel portal solution. This gives an advantage when it comes to offline booking mode. The travel agencies can hold the inventory, offer special discounts, send quotes and personalised invoice to their travellers.

Other than this, the Embark Software provides you wonderful travel apps will not increase the customer traffic on your website but will also boost the sale of your business, thus enhancing the profit of your business. The growth of any business is dependent on many aspects. Starting from your business strategy to your delivery of services to the customers, everything is considered important.

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