How B2C travel portals are helpful in boosting the growth of travel and tourism industry

How B2C travel portals are helpful in boosting the growth of travel and tourism industry

One of the most leading companies, the Embark Software is promising the best development of B2C travel portals. Providing you the best solutions and services in your B2C travel portal, the Embark Software empowers the travellers with variety of self services and helps them in becoming their own helpful travel agent. 

In todays world, B2C travel portal has become one of the biggest revenue generators in the world. Those days are long gone when people had to wait in a long queue all day for the bookings. These days people prefer everything to be done online and as fast as possible. Nowadays, people plan their entire tour while being at their comfort zones. This saves their time, making the whole process much easier.

Since B2C travel portals are web based mobile apps which allow the users to organise and plan the tour as per their needs. B2C travel portals ensure amazing experience to the people around the world, providing organised and customised travel plan.

B2C travel portal is helping in boosting the growth of travel and tourism industry. It helps you interacting with different people without involving the travel agents. It is mostly the treasury of information of various itineraries. People across the world trust the B2C travel portal because it is not only easier and convenient, but even provides a secure online payment system.

Features of B2C travel portal are -

  1. Domestic and international flight booking.
  2. Hotel bookings
  3. Combinations of flight and hotel booking with offers and discounts
  4. Bus ticket booking
  5. Rental cars booking
  6. Travel insurance
  7. Secured payment gateway
  8. Guest and registered user’s management
  9. Bookings and cancellation
  10. Offers and discounts
  11. Foreign money exchange facility
  12.  And many more.


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