Before Integrating, It Is Necessary to Understand the Hotel Booking System

Before Integrating, It Is Necessary to Understand the Hotel Booking System

This blog thoroughly discusses what is hotel booking system and its features. The hotel booking system of the Embark Software enables your customers to book hotel room and other holiday packages through your websites. Online hotel booking system helps in increasing the traffic in your website. Our services ensure maximum sales since you provide accommodation rooms at cheaper price.

Functions of the Hotel Booking System

  • Generate Daily Arrival Report, Reservation
  • Details Report, Cancellation Report, Billing Details Report, Inventory Report & Nationality Rate reports
  • Manage Policies - Payment policy, cancellation policy, tax policy, terms & Conditions & Property Policy
  • Add Unlimited Photos & small size video
  • View all confirmed, Modified and Cancelled bookings
  • Adding Special offers for your hotel
  • Manage Rooms availability, number of rooms and dates available to book.
  • Rates - Change Rates, Increase or reduce the rates day by day or a period of dates

One of the highly beneficial solution when it comes to accommodation is hotel booking system. B2C hotel profit margin overtakes the B2B hotel profit margin. To develop your sales effectively and efficiently, choosing right combination of hotel for your inventories and also the capability of distribution. For the integration of new hotel supplier, the Embark Software is the best company to pick.

Benefits of the Hotel Booking System

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced margin of error
  • Flexibility
  • Timely and accurate information
  • Shorter time to market
  • Reduced inventory
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Work is complete quickly as compared to earlier manual systems.

Why to Choose the Embark Software for the Hotel Booking System?

  • The power to your hotel’s online presence
  • A strong online booking business
  • Control of your online distribution so as to increase the reservation revenues, margins and profits
  • A team recognised as the best in the business by the travel industry worldwide
  • Online branding of your website
  • Continuous development of your online strategies
  • Better understanding
  • Successful marketing of your hotel online
  • Consistent bookings

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