B2B Travel Portal Gives Global Exposure to Your Travel Products

B2B Travel Portal Gives Global Exposure to Your Travel Products

The days when the travel agencies had to deal with the travel agents over calls, emails, and face to face conversation are gone. Maintaining paperwork and other documentation and records always lead to stress and thus becoming hurdles in the smooth going business. Whereas if you have everything on a system with all the procedures, focusing on the core areas, competencies & other strategic planning of your business will be your priority. A B2B travel portal is the ultimate solution to make your deals with travel agents go easier.  

A B2B travel portal for the travel business is an online portal where all the travel agents can do the reservations just like an end user customer. Just by having B2B travel portal, it becomes much easier for the travel agencies to manage their travel agents with all the necessities. The B2B travel portal is best for the destination management corporations, travel agencies & travel companies with sub agent network who have further end customer network. Third party suppliers, providing the inventories at reasonable rates, can be integrated with the B2B travel portals. The agent doesn’t have to do any big work, but just signup and sign in to the travel portal and does the bookings of packages, hotels, other activities and tours, etc.

A powerful platform of B2B travel portal provided by the Embark Software has numerous features that allows to –

  • Define agent’s type – Cash or Credit
  • Create subagent(s)
  • Set profile of agents
  • Build own package
  • Set agent wise mark up
  • Flexible mark up & commission settings
  • Issue online voucher
  • Online settlement of invoice & receipts
  • Flexible online payment
  • Auto alerts for confirmation, bookings, tickets
  • Comprehensive MIS reports
  • Mobile responsive website
  • User-friendly interface

The benefits of integrating your system with B2B travel portal are –

  • Using B2B travel portal, you remove all the obstacles such as limiting the sale of your travel products.
  • It helps to expand the network of your sub agents and also amplifies the sale of your travel product worldwide, giving it global exposure.
  • B2B travel portal saves your time by helping you in the communication with agents. You don’t need to communicate with them over calls and emails.
  • The automated process of functionalities and selling will help you to analyse the marketing and comprehensive reports of your business with accuracy.
  • Every well designed B2B travel portal promotes the principle of ‘Sell More & Earn More.’ 


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