An Impeccable Tool to Simplify Your Work on One Platform – Hotel Extranet Booking System

An Impeccable Tool to Simplify Your Work on One Platform – Hotel Extranet Booking System

The Embark Software allows travel agents to update their own registered hotels ad gives you access to upload the entire inventory management system. This way you can put your own hotel data in it. The hotel extranet booking system is a secured system in which you can manage the sales of your contracted hotel, also upload rates, view cancelled and confirmed accommodation bookings and offer special discounts. Through hotel Extranet booking system, one can configure the business and also make complete changes in the inventory. Also, setting up rooms and providing proper facilities is done by hotel extranet booking system. It is a very helpful travel technology solution.  

The CRS or Central Reservation System is a computerised system which can store and distribute hotel information, resort information and also other lodging information. There are several functions through which its easy to understand the concept of the hotel extranet booking system. These functions are following.

Functions of Hotel Extranet Booking System - 

  • Manage Rooms availability, number of rooms and dates available to book
  • Rates - Change Rates, Increase or reduce the rates day by day or a period of dates
  • View all confirmed, Modified and Cancelled bookings
  • Adding Special offers for hotels
  • Generate Daily Arrival Report, Reservation Details Report, Cancellation Report, Billing Details Report, Inventory Report & Nationality Rate reports
  • Manage Policies - Payment policy, cancellation policy, tax policy, terms & Conditions & Property Policy
  • Add Unlimited Photos & small size video.

Advantages of Hotel Extranet Booking System –

  • Improved Yield
  • The diminished perimeter of error
  • Versatility
  • Up-to-date and reliable knowledge
  • The lower time period to sale
  • Hotel Extranet Booking System helps in removing the convention/gathering duration and is also convenient for business operating in more than one country having a different time zone.
  • Decreased inventory
  • Strengthen buyer commitment
  • All accredited members hold immediate entree to the multiple high-level data.
  • The task is finished immediately as compared to old standard booking systems.
  • Extranet serves in enhance business accomplishment and yield by automating a process that was affected manually earlier.
  • Computerization can similarly lessen the extent of errors.
  • Data can be revised, renewed and improved immediately on a booking extranet system.
  • Extranets enable company details to be analysed at point proper for consumers, associates, distributors, workers, and other related people.
  • Extranets may support in improving relations with foremost or prospective buyers by providing them accurate, brief and effective information.

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